Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Date at Wendy's

We think we're funny...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Good-Bye Kyle

One of my really good friends here, Kyle, who is actually a senior, and VERY good at "puppetering," left last week because he got offered a job with the live Sesame Street Live International Tour. He's going to be Big Bird! I'm really excited for him and so I just wanted to dedicate this little blurb on my blog to him. He's such an awesome person and I can't wait to see what amazing things he'll do.

We had a Rock Band party for him in the cafe and then a big mardi gra party for him later that week.

Love that this is the last picture I have with him. Haha.

Best of Luck Kyle!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Passion for Theatre: 01

Just some cool things I've picked up from my acting class and musical theatre class as well... so far...

"B & B (Be and Breathe)"

"Why do we like Aquariums? Because they don't care if your paying attention to them!... We are fishes in an Aquarium."

"Radiate and Receive"

"Pretend real hard. Make it look easy. And have fun."

"Move with purpose."

"Love the Art in yourself, not yourself in the Art."

"As an actor is it better to be moving rather than to be moved."

"You can't sing and listen to yourself at the same time."

"Center. Channel. Focus the energy and project."

"Do the work: study the character, understand the circumstances, analyze the text. Then, let give it all up and just let it be."

"Take risks."

Its so interesting because I feel like I can not only use these tips while acting and singing, but also in my everyday life.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dotty Dot

This weekend was my Point Park debu (can't spell)! I was in a children's musical production of a little show called "Dotty Dot"

Freshman aren't able to audition for the conservatory shows, but this cool club type thing, called ETP (Experimental Theatre Project) just started this year and is meant to give students more chances to get involved and perform. It's run by students and they put on a bunch of cool, student written, "experimental" projects throughout the year.
So this semester ETP started if off with "Dotty Dot." The script was originally written by students as well as all the music! So cool!

The reason we have binders is because it was actually a "staged reading" of the show, because we only rehearsed for about two weeks. But we still had fun and did some wicked dance movies.

My character (Mary Beth) was Dotty's obnoxious lackey.

And yes... I wore my retainer for the show.

The set--"Fort Funrageous"

It was such a blast! We only performed twice (Saturday & Sunday at noon), but we're actually going to polish it up a bit more, take away the binders and do a tour of it for a bunch of elementary's around the area! So awesome! So I definitely can't wait for that.
Children's theatre is so much fun.

2 years

Love you Dad.