Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's the Simple Things

Everyone goes through phases of what they enjoy and, well, these are some things that I enjoy in my life right now:

Opera & Eckhart Tolle's discussions (podcasts) on his new book: A New Earth.
Such a great book. Absolutely amazing.
It's brings great inspiration, awakening, and awareness.

Pretzels dipped in Peanut Butter.
You should try it.


= Yummy Snack

Taco Salad Tuesday in the Cafeteria
(except for this picture looks a lot better then what I actual eat)

My Chillax Playlist that consists of these beautiful albums and more...

Easter (forever ago)

Since none of us went home for Easter, I decided to organize an Easter Egg Hunt! We were going to walk over to UPitt's campus (where there is actual grass) but it started to lightly SNOW. So we decided to have it at our Playhouse!!
It ended up being so much fun! :)

I bought the eggs, filled them with candy, organized it all, and hid the eggs for everyone!
It was actually really fun being on the other side of things for once. I loved hiding the eggs, just as much as they had fun finding them!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stephen Flaherty

Stephen Flaherty is one of the best known musical theater composer's EVER.
He composed some of the best musicals of all time including:

Ragtime (Tony Award) [and one of my all time favorites]
Once on this Island
Lucky Stiff
...and many more

Well he came to our school just last weekend for a master class!! AMAZING. Just thought I'd share :)

We were so star-struck! haha. I love him.