Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer @ Busch Gardens

where am i this summer?... Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg, Virginia!

they came to our school in december and i audtioned and got a job PERFORMING!
getting paid to do what i love? heck yeah.

i'll be in the "STARLIGHT ORCHESTRA" singing big band jazz music.
there's only 4 of us who are singing, two boys and two girls, plus the live orchestra behind us. SO FUN.

i've actually started rehearsals already and its pretty tough because of the really tight, jazzy harmonies. but i guess that's what makes it so fun :)

we open June 9th. so i'll let you know how it is once we get into the performances.

Monday, May 26, 2008

just finished

if anyone of you have read twilight, new moon, and/or eclipse and you love Stephanie Meyer? then you need to read this book right now.

thrilling, illuminating, mind-blowing, intelligent, humorous, beautiful, compassionate, and powerful. all in one.

bye bye pittsburgh :(

this was at the COPA (conservatory of the performing arts) AWARDS. you basically look pretty, take pictures, and some people get awards. much like the tony's, but 'point park' style.

this was also a good time for me to take pictures with all my talented senior friends. i've gotten so close with ALL of them. i'm going to miss them all!
caroline kaiser, me and justin peebles. remember these names because seriously you are going to see these peoples names in lights one day.

this is Richard Rauh. he gives A LOT of money to tons of theatres in pittsburgh, especially ours. he is also the most hilarious person i've ever met. i mean just look at him.. haha i love this man. his glasses say it all...

he's also in the last part of Inspector Gadget where the inspector does something the blows his toupe off. so you'll definitely have to check that out.

katie and i packin' up our room.
didn't we JUST move in?... crazy...

this was my last night in pittsburgh :(

these are some of my fun senior friends, rich and kevin. they're best friends AND they're STRAIGHT!! (very rare in my school). they kind of remind me of my brothers (getting teased, joking around, beating up on each other) so they've definitely made this year memorable :) thanks guys.

bye bye pittsburgh. bye bye freshman year. bye bye seniors. thanks for the fun.

hello SUMMER!

this one's for Brad..

all my brother Brad does is watch the food network channel, so he's one of those weird people that knows that PRIMANTI BROTHERS (which is only located in pittsburgh) is the top 7th place to pig out in the nation, or something. clearly i did not know this, so he got mad at me when i came home during christmas and i hadn't eaten there yet. well i'd tried not to make the same mistake twice, so before i left pittsburgh for the summer i FINALLY ate at primanti's...

this sandwich is famous because all it has in it is has steak, tomatoes, fries, and cold slaw....
doesn't really sound that appealing, does it?

so here's to you brad!

really big.


and it actually wasn't that bad after all... really good actually :)
it definitely has my vote as the top 7th place to pig out.
thanks brad. love ya.

our date to the "incline"

my roommate katie and i decided to venture out and go on a date to the "INCLINE" before school ended... so around the end of april.... so like a month ago. haha

this is the INCLINE RAILWAY. pretty cool if you ask me..
here's a little description of the incline:

One of Pittsburgh's distinctive features is its cable-powered inclines (known elsewhere as funiculars) for transportation between the river valleys and the communities on top of the overlooking bluffs. At one time Pittsburgh had about fifteen inclines. Two of them remain, on the south bank of the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers, across from downtown Pittsburgh.

The cars are not self-powered, and do not even have operators on board. Instead, they are pulled up and down the inclined track by a cable driven by an engine in the upper station, where the operator works. The cars operate in pairs, permanently attached to opposite ends of a single cable, with one going uphill and the other going downhill simultaneously. The cars therefore counterbalance each other, so the engine needs to provide only enough power to overcome friction and the difference in the weight of the passengers in the two cars.

this is the view from the top. its rated in the top ten most beautiful overlooks of a city or something. really cool!

inspirational shot... haha we're dorks

katie and i have so much fun together. i'm so glad we found each other at college :)
this was a fun little date for us to do before we left for the summer.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


i like writing in lowercase a lot better :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wow I Haven't Posted in a While...


Crew came and gone...
I was on crew for Romeo and Juliet.. set in the Gold Rush.... yeah random, but there's Point Park for you!

This is me and my friend Grace. She's adorable. We were on headset together. I did the sound, she did the lighting :)

This was right after strike (taking down the entire set), we were all sooooooo exhausted!! But now we're done with crew forever so yay!


This was this carnival on the Carnegie Mellon Campus, not very far from us at all. So all of us girls dressed up and went!
Me, Katie, Fredi, Courtney, Katie Martin, and Kate.

There was also a free Roots concert! Go Roots!! haha I don't really know who they are, but it was fun anyway!


We took a day off of our crazy lives and went to the ZOO!
Fredi, Nick, Kate, Loren, and Me.
I love the Zoo.


I'm a flamingo.. if you can't tell..

Elephants rock.

The Bunch..

A Bear!


My boyfriend was there too.

Polar Bears... (I'm naming all of these, as if you couldn't guess.. haha)

The signs said "Don't Climb On the Rocks."
I'm a rebel... :)


Well, I was able to try out for the spring one act festival and I got cast! WOOO!!]
Our show was "HERE WE ARE" by Dorothy Parker. And it was kind of a "concept" play.... about a newly wed couple on their way to their honeymoon, but three different generations did the same piece three different times... to show that love really does never change. It sounds really repetitive, but actually all three of them were very different and it turned out to be a really great show and so fun to work on!

I was the 20s couple and my wig was obviously the best

Well, these are all three of us girls... I guess all our hair was pretty crazy...
20s, 80s, 50s

My hubby and me.... and the awkward prom pose as well...