Thursday, December 10, 2009

tumblr vs. blogspot

most of the inspirational blogs i've been stalking lately ALL come from tumblr.... so i decided to check it out.

i'm not going to lie, i'm only two posts in, but i'm already starting to like tumblr a lot more than blogspot...

..sorry blogspot...

football pool

this week, i’m entering my first football pool with 7 other boys. my boyfriend, zach, and my other roommate kanoa, talk about football so much that i feel like i know a good amount about all the teams this year to put in my $5 and choose which team with win each game. i’m pretty confident too. :)

we'll see how it goes!

Monday, December 7, 2009

how to be an explorer of the world

my most recent amazon purchase.

for some reason i stumbled across this book while i was reading one of the many inspirational blogs that i've been stalking.

i just received in it the mail and i'm excited to explore it. :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

oh where oh where could my camera be?

i haven't had my camera for the past week or so and i can't seem to find it anywhere!
i really need to do an indepth look for it, but i haven't really had the time for it. hopefully it will turn up soon because that would not be very fun if it's no where to be found...
cross your fingers for me.

Monday, November 23, 2009

grocery store fun

"tar tar" found some food made just for tar tar...

mmmm :)

this is for becky... her "stylish" snuggie that she wants. haha.

Friday, November 20, 2009

my co-star is a killer whale...

SeaWorld San Antonio

this holiday season, i am performing in the Shamu Christmas Miracles show!
i'm REALLY excited :)

here is my wonderful SeaWorld wear....
i look like a maintenance guy. haha.
(i may have been overdoing it a little...)

we have cool "in-ear" things that professionals wear so you can hear your voice and the music better in the your ear.... kind fun :)
i was a little too excited about them....

i was just walking into work and there's just whales hanging out... how cool is that?! love it.

this is the stage. pretty cool eh?

the view from the stage...

rehearsing my solo, The First Noel.

shamu comes right up and i sing to him like he's the baby jesus! haha.
so crazy/awesome that he's so close!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mini-trip to utah

thanks to my wonderful mom, i was able to come home for a few days. :)
the last time i saw my family was in march, when i met them in disneyland.... so yeah, it's been a while. and this trip was much needed.
it was so nice to finally come home and touch base with everyone and everything.
not to mention, i finally got to see the new house that we moved in! ... i must admit, i was reluctant, but when i was there a few days i started to get the hang of it and really fall in love with it. :)

love my brothers.

my mom's wonderful, deep, bathtub! i could live in here.
i turned on the jets, lit some candles and soaked in the wonderfulness that this bathtub is. :)

this is my mom's cute yorkie! her names sophie and i love her.

landon and kailyn are the cutest. i loved playing with them :) i missed my neice and nephew.

the morning i left, my mom and i walked out to the car and saw this!
my cute sister sara left notes all over the car for me! this is was so cute of her and it made me feel so special!
thanks sara!

the pink one is my favorite. haha.

miss you family. :(
hopefully i will see you again, real soon!

Friday, November 13, 2009

halloween/goodbye williamsburg

my dear friend shannon and i dressed up as matching m&m's for halloween :)
it was fun having a partner for halloween.

this is my FACE twin. everyone kept getting us mixed up this summer.
she was so fun! it was fun to meet... ME. haha.

the halloween show i was in this fall, called FrankenROCK closed.
it was REALLY fun. i was a crazy vampire. i'm gonna miss it.

we made some cute sweatshirts for the show.

these are my cute girlfriends! shannon and lauren! love them!
i'm already missing them :(

SMITHERS! this was my roommate all summer and fall. he's so fun. he's like my brother. love him. his name is really chris smith, but everyone calls him smithers. he's a cool cat.

"hey ammon, can i get a picture with you?"
.... and this was the result. haha. ammon is such a sweet man. he is really funny too. he was in the marines and loves helping others. he's lauren's boyfriend and my brother away from home. haha. love him.

bye bye williamsburg!!!
here i come san antonio....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


emmett has become one of my best friends these past few weeks and so i dedicate this post to him.

emmett is cameron's dog. cameron has been one of my roommates for the past few weeks. he's currently living in the living room because he's waiting until i move out. (he's here for the christmas season at busch gardens, so he had to come a little earlier than we thought because of rehearsals.) anyway, so emmett is cameron's dog.

emmett loves to cuddle, and i love to cuddle, so clearly emmett and i get along really well. he has been my best buddy through all my crazy sickness and healing process that i've been going through for the past week. he always wants to come into my room and just sit with me on my bed. just hang. :)
he takes naps with me. he watches movies with me. i take him on walks. we have a good relationship emmett and i, and i'm going to miss him. he's been here for me 110 %.

thanks emmett. i wish i could take you with me. i hope one day i can find a dog as cuddly and as wonderful as you are :) i love you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i choose me.

my loving and supportive sister sent me this picture....
it's pretty simple and so true.

thanks becky.

so now, i choose me. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Artist's Way: Week 1

i'm finally starting my book--The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. it's a "course in discovering and recovering your creative self."
my lovely sister, amy, has been reading it and she recommended it to me. as soon as she told me kind of what it was about, i became interested and ordered it immediately, except that was about two months ago. i haven't really had the alone time to really dig in and start it (or at least made the alone time for myself). but i knew that whenever i was meant to start it, it would be the perfect time for me. and so now i've started.

what it is, is a 12 week course of certain tasks to do that help build and recover your "artist from within." so it's kind of like a class.... i'm taking a class to discover and become more in tune with my creative self. 

anyway, i just got done reading the exercises and everything for week 1, which is suppose to "recover a sense of safety." by doing this, it says to say and list many affirmations and notice the negative voice behind each positive affirmation and try to figure out where it came from... like if it came from some major past incident or person in your life.

anyway, so it's already sounding really cool, but at the same time be difficult to really dig deep and look at your inside self. i'm really excited though. i have a feeling this will be a big, groundbreaking journey for me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1 year anniversary

zach and i celebrated our one year anniversary today!

we gave our presents to each other last night, which were Nintendo DS's (as you can see)
we were so excited about them that we ended up staying up until 6am playing them! haha crazy right?

we also ate dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse and then played softball for our Entertainment softball team we have here at Busch Gardens. (it's really fun... i'll post pictures next week)

(this was us on halloween as Pocohontas and John Smith)

it was just a second ago when he was wooing me with his charm, great looks and amazing talent... oh wait, he still is. 
it's fun to think that even after a year we still have lots of puppy love with one another. we've been through a lot already in just one year, including about 7 months of long distance. 
thanks for sticking by side through all the ups and downs zach... i've loved sharing this past year with you in my life. i've learned so much about you and so much about myself. i can't wait to see what will happen next!
i love you.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

williamsburg so far

moving in.

building my bookshelf :)

mini trip to NYC

i went with my friend paul (on the right) to see my former cast mate and friend GREG. 
love him!

amazing drag queen that hosted karaoke night at the local gay bar. fabulous.

we passed by this and i thought this was funny. he he.

rob & zach's gig

my friend (and cast mate) rob and zach had a gig one friday night.

lots of fun friends from entertainment came out!

pretty crowded... but that's always a good thing :)

the night was definitely two thumbs up from me and zach.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


i figure not blogging for a little under a year deserves a re-introduction.

Name: Cami Kooka 

Birthday: November 29 (not close at all, but i thought i'd put it anyway. haha.)

Hometown: St. George, UT

Current Location: Williamsburg, VA

Occupation: Performing at Busch Gardens

Hobbies: Singing, acting, dancing, breathing, smiling, living, loving, dreaming, doing, listening, laughing, crying, teasing, cuddling, sleeping, gazing, adventuring, accepting, reading, learning, growing, discovering, inspiring, helping, creating, being.