Friday, September 12, 2008

pittsburgh picnic

(i love stealing pictures from facebook that my friends took :) this is the only way you'll ever get to see pictures...haha)

the first week we were here, a bunch of us ventured over to the university of pitt's campus (because we have no grassy area in the middle of downtown) and we had a picnic! super fun!

so here's some pic's!

oh theatre majors.... :)

some of the roomies (we have yet to get all 7 of us together....)
beautiful sunset too!

we're fun.

its so crazy coming back to pittsburgh and realizing that even though you haven't been together all summer, the friendship you left is still here and still strong.

great friendships never die :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

happy birthday mommy

she turned..... 29 ;)

she's really 51, but trust me, you can't tell one bit.

Monday, September 1, 2008

back in pittsburgh


i moved back to pittsburgh probably a week and a half ago, but this time i am NOT in the dorms!! thank goodness!! i'm living off campus, just outside the city. it's a lot cheaper that way AND nicer than being cooped in the gross dorms.

i live in a big house with 6 other girls. so there is 7 of us total. pretty big... i know, right? we all have our own room, 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 sets of washers and dryers, and its 4 stories. i'm in the basement all by myself with my own bathroom :) pretty nice actually. it's my own little "nook."
because we have so many girls in one house, we like to call our home the brothel.... which explains the little "subtitle"

i googled "brothel" and this is what came up. we image that this is what our house will eventually look like.


just last weekend i had the amazing opportunity to see this "one man show" (i would call it) for free! because i work in the box office for my school, i was able to get some free tickets.. so a group of us got together and saw the show.
here's a blurb from City Theatre's website about the show:

Without You is adapted from Anthony Rapp’s book, Without You: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and the Musical Rent, published by Simon & Schuster. Anthony is best known for originating the role of Mark Cohen in Rent and performing it on Broadway and in the 2005 film adaptation.

he shares his audition for Rent, getting cast, rehearsals, and his view from the stage during the tribute performance on the night after Jonathan Larson’s (the musical director and composer of the show) tragic death. Without You also details Anthony’s achingly beautiful relationship with his mother during this turbulent time.

when i first walked in to the show, i didn't really know what the show was going to be about, but when i left i was a hot mess. a whirlwind of emotions were running through me. it was so amazingly beautiful. you could definitely say that it hit home. right in the middle of home. oh it was so beautiful.

if you're interested, here's the website that explains more and it has a little video clip of his performance.

it was nice to come home and see theatre. i had forgotten how much unique, beautiful, majestic theatre exists in this city. it also made me get excited to start school again. i get to work on and learn more things about what i am passionate for--theatre. like i get to do this for the rest of my life.... ya know? wow! i'm so lucky to go to school for something i love so much! yay i love theatre. and i'm ready to start up another year here at Point Park. sophomore year here i come!

here's some of the lyrics to the main song, which is from the show "RENT"

Without you, the hand gropes
the ear hears
the pulse beats

Without you, the eyes gaze
the legs walk
the lungs breathe

The mind churns
the heart yearns
the tears dry without you

Life goes on
but I'm gone
'cause I die, without you
without you
without you
without you.....