Thursday, July 10, 2008

surprise visit!!

i had a three way conversation with my mom, becky and amy (sisters) the other day and they told me that they are coming to visit me in two weeks!! SURPRISE!! ah!!! i'm so happy. i'm leaping and yelling every where i go because i'm so excited!! i can't even sleep. i'm serious.
oh we're going to have so much fun!!! they get to come see me perform here in virginia and just hang with me!! we're all going to cram into my little apartment and have girly time and laugh and squeal and be loud. basically be typical glauser girls. :)

oh i'm so excited i can't stand it!!! :)

me and mom.

me and beck.

scott and amy. (haha. i don't have a picture with amy on my computer... how sad is that?! we'll totally have to change that when you come to visit :) )

***girls night pictures coming soon*** :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

not a city girl

so i finally popped my New York City cherry... a group of us from Busch Gardens went up to the big apple. it was everything i expected and more. it was fabulous :)

i will post pic's up later, but i must say that after being in the actual new york city, i must say that i am not a "city girl." not yet anyway (i will be someday). pittsburgh is not half as brilliant as NYC (as most everyone knows) so, therefore i will change the name to my blog. i'm not quite sure yet, but something else. haha.