Sunday, October 28, 2007

A New Look. A New Me.

Instead of doing homework all Sunday (like I usually do), I decided that it was more important to take some time for myself and just BREATHE today! So I did actually breathe and kind of released some things inside, which was really good for me. Let go of some stuff. And also "real-eyes-ed" (love ya Brad) some things, which was really cool too.
So as I'm cuddled up in my roommates arms, she suggested that we should dye our hair today. Well, I've been wanted to dye my hair for a while now and I just thought, 'I don't think that there is a more perfect day to dye my hair, than today!' Ya know... getting rid of some things in the past that I've been holding onto and looking more toward who I am right now... I just thought it was a great idea. So we pushed all of our "to-do's" aside and got some hair dye and just dyed our hair! haha I love it! AND I love my hair, so that's a double plus! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good Day.

Today was a really good day. I think it all started off at midnight when my roommate, Katie, and I stayed up talking for two hours talking about life, love, and everything in between. All the stuff that makes you feel good inside. Everything that makes you want to live. Really cool.
Some good quotes that came out of last night:
"There's no way to prepare for the future, because all you really have is right NOW."
"Re-member who you are."
"Everything that is created starts with a thought, therefore we can create anything."
"Why spend time dwelling on the past? Or worrying about the future? When all we really have is this moment."
"No one will ever look at the world the way you do."

After sleeping for 5 hours and waking up for 8am ballet, I thought that I would just be tired and have a normal, tired day, but actually it just got better.
In my acting class, we did a "mirroring" improv game with our scene partners. At first, she would tell us who would lead and we would take turns doing that. Then after she told us to conspire and decide who would be leading, but we had to try and decieve the audience by not letting them know who really was leading. Very cool. First of all because you are so connected with one another, trying to focus, and at some points you don't really know who is leading. A kind of tunnel vision set in all around you and just focused on their eyes and suddenly everything around you was connected and knew exactly what your body was doing, and what their body was doing. Cool. Then, after that, she had us "follow the follower" so basically no one was leading. This was even more cool. We started off just breathing together. Getting connected to one anothers breath. Then, just trusting. Trusting eachother, trusting that movement will happen. Trust. Can anything be more powerful than that? To just TRUST? Mmm... I just loved it.
Some good quotes from her today:
"Release any impulse to lead and just trust."
"Once you release the urge to lead, the movement will just happen."
"Allow yourself to breath together and to be in tune with one another."
"Allow yourself to put complete trust in your partner."
"Become one with one another."
"Let the breath move you."
"Every movement give you permission to move again."
She compared it to acting, of course. How in a scene with two, or however many poeple, you just give. Give to one another. Let it happen. That's why poeple come see theatre because when the actors become in touch with one another and just trust the moment, it will just happen. No one wants to see something perfectly plotted out, so they know and the character knows exactly whats going to happen next. No. We see theatre because it is honest. And truthful. And all in the moment. Because if something happens, that has never happened before, then it isn't really "unexpected." It is what it is and the actor can cope with it and trust it and USE it. I don't really know if I'm making any sense, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I had a lovely day today. It all connected with me and spoke to me. Really made me want to just LIVE. And it was just another day that made me realize why I am here, at Point Park, just doing what I know to do. Actually doing my passion. Theatre.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crew--Streets of America

Instead of being able to perform while we're Freshman, we are able to be on crew. Well not exactly able to be on crew, we pretty much have to. It's a class, so we get credits, but we get graded as well--so pretty much if your late your screwed. I may seem a little cross about it, but I'm actually not at all. I'm actually really excited! For two reasons: one, I think it'll be fun to help put together a show; and two, the show I have is actually a world premiere! It's called "Streets of America." Written by Michael Rupert, who is currently performing and in the orginal cast of "Legally Blonde" on broadway.
We started crew last night and we got to watch a full run of the show. Amazing. It deals with three brothers that all have different stories to tell about their life during the Vietnam War and their views towards it. It is wonderfully written because it's all kind of like a rock concert. Well here's the description from our web site:

MUSIC.ART.POLITICS.WAR. San Francisco, 1969. What does it mean to be an American? How far are you willing to go for what you believe in? STREETS OF AMERICA is the story of three radically opposed brothers, each struggling to come to terms with their own definition of patriotism amidst the most turbulent decade in our nation’s history. Set against a three day rock festival, protesting the war, this original musical explores the costs of war, the explosion of the media and the consequences of betrayal. At a time when half-way around the world a war raged out of hand, here at home events were moving at the speed of light and we were searching for salvation on the STREETS OF AMERICA.

SO cool.

A Coat That Will Last Me Forever

On Saturday, Dan, Audrey and I went to this place with a strip of cool stores called the "South Side" and bought ourselves some coats!! Apparently it gets really cold here in the winter (we haven't experienced yet because it still feels lovely outside), so I knew I had to invest in a nice coat!

We thought that these were the ones, but after a long debate, we figured that Point Park wasn't quite ready for that...

THESE are the coats!! :) I splurged... a lot. Well, a lot for a college student, but then again, everything's a lot when your in college. But I know that it will last me for the rest of my life, AND above all, I am absolutely in love with it! I mean don't you just love the neck line??? It's TOTALLY my favorite part! haha can't ya tell I'm really excited? :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Finally a TV

I finally have a TV now! Yay! I know, after 6 weeks of school, right? But it's actually not even mine. My friend Dominick (in the picture) let me borrow it because his roommate brought a bigger TV so they use his.
Anyway, it's nice for me, though because I can finally watch my show's (Grey's Anatomy and The Office) in my room, instead of bumming off into other people's rooms!
Now all I need is a cable cord to actually get channels...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bill Nunn

Bill Nunn is originally from Pittsburgh, and he came and visited our school today. He talked about his career and answered questions too. Pretty cool :)

"Don't be afraid of the Director. He is your friend. If he wasn't your friend, then why would he hire you?"

Some movies he's been in:
A Raisin' in the Sun
Sister Act
Spiderman 1, 2, & 3
He Got Game

...and many more.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

No Boys Allowed

A few of us girls decided that we needed some time for ourselves, so we decided to have a girls night last night! We had the typical girls night, consisting of.. pillow fights, leg waxing, pedicures, facials, and of course.. talking about boys. Haha such a good night AND it was also kind of a 'foreshawdowing' of the future, because we decided that all four of us are going to move into an apartment together next year. Hooray for moving in together! And Hooray for girls! :)

Ben tried to butt in, but we put him back in his place and gave him the pillow treatment ;) haha... I know cheesy right?


We decided to try a little bakini waxing after the legs, but as you can see.... that didn't turn out so well..

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Weather Update

I had a special request from a good friend (Amy McDonald), who was wondering about the weather here because apparently every where else there is cold fronts.
Pittsburgh is still very beautiful weather. Like right now the weather is about 75 degrees, and this whole week looks like its staying mostly in the 80's. I mean sometimes it gets chilly, but nothing too crazy yet. But I love the outdoors here and I feel like have to spend as much time outside as I can before it gets to cold!
It's also still green and beautiful too. I've heard also that Pittsburgh gets so beautiful in the fall because of all the leaves that change colors! So I'll keep you updated on that as well :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Strip District

This is a week late, but whatever haha...

Only a 10 minute bus ride away, or a 40 minute walk (in our case), is this little place called the "Strip District." It's kind of hard to describe, but it's this little street you can walk down with little shops, or tents, that have fun things you can buy like food, baked treats, purses, Steelers merchandise (a lot of Steelers crap... if you're not a Steelers fan, your pretty much doomed), fresh dairy products, fresh bread, fresh fruit, fresh flowers... and well, you get the point. There's just tons of things!
I really enjoyed it because for some reason it reminded me of my family and how much they would enjoy it too!! Love you all and miss you :)

I went with my friends for Georgia, that are actually all from the SAME high school! Crazy huh?
Ben, Audrey, and Sawyer

Crazy Steeler's stuff.. this was only one of the many booths of their merchandise.

Fun flowers!

Mmm.. Baklavah!

Us with all of our stuff!


Alright it's been forever since I posted... I feel like I barely have anytime!! So here goes...

Back in middle school, every girl had their "band" that they absolutely loved. Mine was of course N'Sync because of my lovely older brother Brad who did all of their dances around St. George, and my roommate's (Katie Sexton) band was Hanson. Because she was such an active "Fan-son" member, and still is today, she found out that Hanson was coming to Pittsburgh! So because I'm such a good roommate and friend (haha) I told her that I would go with her to see Hanson. Little did I know that I would later fall in love with them and beg them all to divorce their wives and marry me! haha.
So last Thursday (Sept. 27), Katie and I went to Hanson concert and absolutely had the time of our lifes!

See, they don't look like girls anymore!

We were pretty stoked because our seats were originally in the very last row on the top balacony, but we totally snuck down and found some open seats just a couple rows away. What can I say?... I'm a Glauser :)

Mmm.. bop ba du wa dop ba doo wap, a doo ya bad doo wap... well... you know the rest.

The final bow..

Taylor Hanson (the middle brother) came outside to greet some poeple and we got so close.
It was also pouring rain!... What an adventure :)