Wednesday, October 28, 2009


emmett has become one of my best friends these past few weeks and so i dedicate this post to him.

emmett is cameron's dog. cameron has been one of my roommates for the past few weeks. he's currently living in the living room because he's waiting until i move out. (he's here for the christmas season at busch gardens, so he had to come a little earlier than we thought because of rehearsals.) anyway, so emmett is cameron's dog.

emmett loves to cuddle, and i love to cuddle, so clearly emmett and i get along really well. he has been my best buddy through all my crazy sickness and healing process that i've been going through for the past week. he always wants to come into my room and just sit with me on my bed. just hang. :)
he takes naps with me. he watches movies with me. i take him on walks. we have a good relationship emmett and i, and i'm going to miss him. he's been here for me 110 %.

thanks emmett. i wish i could take you with me. i hope one day i can find a dog as cuddly and as wonderful as you are :) i love you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i choose me.

my loving and supportive sister sent me this picture....
it's pretty simple and so true.

thanks becky.

so now, i choose me. :)