Sunday, August 17, 2008


so my contracted ended. probably like a week ago, but i am still in virginia. i'll be here until thursday and then i'm moving back to pittsburgh and starting another semester of school! ahh!
anyway, so i had to say goodbye to some people who have made this summer so AMAZING. seriously such a fun summer...

"it's the friends we meet along life's road who help us appreciate the journey..."

kinsey and kenny. my wonderful roomies (well the ones that were there most of the time)
so many inside jokes with these two i can't even count.

the only other girl in my cast of 20 guys. lindsay.
i grew so close to this sweet, talented, crazy lady.

my talented partner and one of my best friends here. greg.
he has kept me laughing all summer.

Friday, August 15, 2008

virginia is for lovers

this tourist 'slogan'--virginia is for lovers-- is sort of ironic considering my case....

so this is zach. yes a boy. a boyfriend actually. i met him at the park (busch gardens... he also works there) he sings and plays the guitar, harmonica, and mandolin. he graduated from Ball State in Indiana and he's just super talented. we've been together for almost 2 months now. i figured i should say something, even though my sister already has....
anyway, he's just a breath of fresh air. i have so much fun with him and can talk to him about anything. he's already my best friend. not to mention he's super cute :)

(below: hanging out before the entertainment banquet... aka "prom")

walmart has ruined my blogging...

so the only way i can put up pictures is if i get them from a cd because my usb thing on my camera is missing a piece... so i went to walmart, got some cd's made, put it in my computer and now its stuck. and yes i already have tried everything... i even went to best buy and the geek squad couldn't figure it out... so now i'm screwed.
thanks walmart.

but hey, lets look on the bright side... if you want to see some picture's of our girls trip you can just go onto my sister's blog... she's got it all.

i'll also try to find some pictures on facebook and post them as well. :)