Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my new friend, michael.

this post is dedicated to a wonderful young man, michael don glauser.

it's probably weird to hear me call my brother my "friend," but quite frankly, that's the best way i can describe it. this christmas break has been about shifting my relationship from "older sister" to overall friend, and it has been more than wonderful.

even though michael is one of the closest to my age in the family, we have, unfortunately, been the most distant. growing up, he's mainly just been the annoying younger brother that would rap and make up gibberish words. just recently, however, ever since he's experienced his first semester in college, things have changed between us--he has grown up, and so have i.

apart from myself, he is the only other glauser that has ventured out of Utah to continue and further his education (college wise). he is currently going to school in Irvine, CA and golfing in division 2 of the NCAA.... the first of us glausers to be playing sports on a collegiate level! pretty amazing!

anyway, ever since he has been home for christmas break, him and i immediately sparked a new bond with one another. whether it was because we're both going to school away from home, or we just needed to grow up a bit, it doesn't really matter. all i care about, and that i am grateful for, is that i have a new friendship and deeper love and appreciation for my little brother, mike :)

love ya, bro ;)

this is a picture and him and i venturing together to an open agency call, ProScout. isn't he just cute?!

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